[lug] Any body got an Olympus c3000z to work with Linux?

Timothy Klein teece at silverklein.net
Sun Sep 30 17:30:31 MDT 2001

I don't have an Olympus, but the Fuji I have does work with USB.  It
does require that Generic SCSI support be compiled into the kernel, as
the camera's memory card is seen as a scsi device.  Any chance that
might be it?


* Ian S. Nelson (nelson_ at attglobal.net) wrote:
> I'm told it does and gphoto2 says it supports it but I must be doing
> something wrong because I'm not having any luck.
> I've got USB working and I've got the mass-stoarge drivers in.  Is there
> any special device nodes or something that I need?
> thanks,
> Ian
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