[lug] Virus Solution needed

Michael Shuler mshuler at us.ibm.com
Wed Sep 26 12:08:59 MDT 2001

> Hello All,

> I need a virus solution for my network at work. I have about 150 Win98
> workstations, and 4 *nix/samba/Apache/MySQL boxen. I'm lookin' for=20
> a virus program to run on the workstations. The reason I'm asking on
> this list is I would like to push the .dat updates out to the
> workstations from the samba logon script. Does anyone has any URLs to
> offer where I can research this idea, or other recommendations?
> Thanks in advance,
> Al
> What do you want to delete today?

I have been using Sophos for Win, OS2, and Linux - nice to have the same
software for all platforms.  I have been using their free downloads, so
I do not know about the corporate pricing structure.  Their website is
at http://www.sophos.com/ - looks like this might fit your needs.


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