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Mon Oct 15 10:42:50 MDT 2001

On Mon, Oct 15, 2001 at 09:25:41AM -0600, Chris Wade wrote:
> Yeah, I should probably switch to SSh at some point, it's just an
> interesting problem at the moment (because I have a workaround).  There's
> nothing on there that I would worry about security issues over.  This is
> just one of the many steps toward understanding how this whole networking
> thing works.
> Once I get the other machines behind the linux box (using it as a firewall),
> there should be no problem with telnet.  Correct?

? Hmm, do i understand this correctly:

 world  ----> linux gateway/firewall --> local network

You want to connect from world to boxes in local network with
telnet? Highly insecure! If you use telnet then your password
is sent unencrypted through the wires. Anybody who has access
to a machine (router/gateway, Server at your ISP ...) is able to
intercept the traffic and read your password. I don't know much 
about the tech. setup of U.S. cable modems, but over here you 
basically have a shared medium  with the other users on your
block, i.e. all of your neighborhood can read unencrypted traffic
(it might take some fiddling with the routing etc. but it's pretty
easy ...).

Most of the break-ins i've seen so far resulted from someone
using insecure protocols like telnet or pop3 over an insecure

  Ralf Mattes

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> > Just as a side note: do you _really_ want to connect
> > to your home via telnet? This protocoll is _extremely_
> > insecure and you are sending your password in cleartext
> > over the net (read: insecure ground). SSH is a much better
> > tool for such needs (and much harder to crack) and afaik the
> > terminal emulation is far better in windows ssh than in win-telnet.
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> >  Just my 2c
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