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D. Stimits stimits at idcomm.com
Mon Oct 15 13:29:12 MDT 2001

Chris Wade wrote:
> Thanks all for all the help and information on telnetd security.  I am
> inspired to put together a 'knowledge shopping list' with all the things I
> am going to need to know to get my setup working the way I want it.. any
> pointers to technical docs, previous threads etc. would be greatly
> appreciated... :)
> Here's what I have (hope my ascii graphics come across well):
> Internet
>  |
>  V
> At&t at home cable modem
> (supports NAT)
>  |
>  V
> Hub --> Suse 7.1 Pro w/ everything installed
>  |----> Win2000 Laptop, used for VPN to work
>  |----> WinME laptop (ugh)
> This setup is okay, we all get out to the internet with it, but I want to do
> a lot more.  Here's what I think I would like:
> Internet
>  |
>  V
> Something better than cable modem for running a server

I've always been partial to OC-3's here. Heheh...just kidding.

>  |
>  V
> Suse 7.1 acting as firewall, web server, mailrouter, gateway, development
> environment
>  |
>  V
> Hub
>  |
>  V
> Home network consisting of The abovementioned Windows laptops plus an old
> PowerMac
> I've read messages here where people refer to setups like this that they
> have running... is this pretty standard?  I know that, at a minimum, I want
> to be running Apache w/PHP 4.0.6 with mysql and postgresql... haven't used
> postgres at all but would like to learn it... I'm okay with setting up the
> Apache/PHP stuff.  I've done that so many times at work it makes me dizzy.
> But I also need to figure out how to get my second network card running
> (Netgear, box says linux supported but it didn't detect), and then set it up
> so that I can still access the internet from all four machines as well as
> get mail routed to the three behind the firewall.  I have a domain pointed
> to this box... I use mail forwarding as a registrar service, where all mail
> to my domain gets forwarded to a single address, but I would like to have a
> lot more control over it (i.e. separate addresses to separate mailboxes).
> Will still need to do VPN through the linux firewall to work, and oh yes, I
> will want to set up Samba (which I've done) and Netatalk (which I haven't
> done).

I haven't set up multiple NIC's in one box, but at one time thought
about it. From what I read, any NIC beyond the first might require a
kernel option to reserve the io address that the 2nd NIC will take, and
then setting it up after bootup. The initial detect stuff is apparently
only designed for a single NIC (all of this was before devfs, which I'd
avoid). I'm tempted to throw a cheap ne2000 compatible in on one of my
machines, because I want to run some network [poor] condition kernel
modules on it (to look at how client/server software does in different
degraded conditions).

D. Stimits, stimits at idcomm.com

> At&t requests that you don't run a server w/ one of their cable modems, and
> I can understand why... bandwidth shrinks dramatically in the outgoing
> direction and tends to clog things up for everybody else.  Is there anything
> else of comparable cost that would be more amenable to this kind of usage?
> If not, what am I looking at paying (roughly) if I want to up my outgoing
> bandwidth by using some other service?
> Thanks in advance for help with all or just parts of this...
> Chris
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