[lug] Transport GX+ and Redhat 7.1

Hugh Brown hugh at vecna.com
Wed Oct 17 12:24:30 MDT 2001

Sounds like you got moved to the default config for sawfish.  You could
switch to enlightenment or try fiddling with the settings, or do a full
scale switch to kde.


"Ryan Bay"
> Dear LUG,
> I'm experiencing the same problems mentioned on this mailing list a couple
> of months ago by ttrader at treveronline.com: 
> "I have a Micron Transport GX+ that has a Synaptics Touchpad.  The problem
> is that when I go into XWindows I get a 1"x1" square for a mouse pointer
> instead of an arrow."
> I've solved this problem per this thread, but I'm still getting conflicts
> (weird graphical anomalies) and hangups, and I can't find a trace of
> Trever Trader on the web. 
> Does anyone know of a fix for this configuration? 
> Thanks!
> Ryan

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