[lug] need cat5 wiring/"Dest host unreachable" help

Chuck Wiechman wiechdoctor at earthlink.net
Thu Oct 18 17:14:52 MDT 2001

It sounds like your physical is good but that your IP's are
missconfigured. Did you check the IP info on both ends

On Thu, 18 Oct 2001, Michael J. Hammel wrote:

> I'm trying to wire my upstairs game room to my downstairs office with CAT5
> cable.  The cable was already run when the house was built.  But the
> connections were mucked up.  So I'm trying to fix them.
> My office has a gateway connected to a hub with 3 other computers
> (including a laptop) hooked directly into the hub.  All that works fine.  I
> connected the CAT5 cable in the wall to an CAT5 jack and moved the cable
> that was running to the laptop from the hub into the wall.  Upstairs I used
> the same wiring combination on the jack (see below) and plugged another
> cable from that jack into my laptop.  
> I get a link light on the laptops connector (external pcmcia type) and on
> the hub.  However, when I ping anyone on the downstairs net from the laptop
> upstairs (or reverse the direction) I get "Destination Host Unreachable".
> I think the wiring is correct.  But I can't ping anyone on opposite floors.
> I doubt the cable is over 100 meters in total length, so that shouldn't be
> the problem.  None of the cabled used to plug the laptop into the wall or
> the wall into the hub is a crossover cable, so that's the not the problem.  
> Is the timeout for the ping expiring and making it look like the remote
> hosts can't be reached?  Should any of the transmit/receive wires be
> crossed?
> I used the T568B standards for the wiring and run in straight through.  The
> wire from downstairs runs to a junction box where it is connected straight
> through to to the wire that runs to the wall in the game room.  
> Anyone got any suggestions?  Some of the twists came out of the wires so I
> added them back in (I've heard that helps reduce noise).  But that didn't
> help.  The green/green-white pairs seem to provide link lights.  The
> orange/orange-white pairs seem to provide data.  Is that correct?  The
> blue/blue-white and brown/brown-white pairs are unused as far as I know.
> Those latter sets are currently unconnected.

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