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Nate Duehr nate at natetech.com
Fri Oct 19 16:21:53 MDT 2001

On Thu, Oct 18, 2001 at 03:02:38PM -0600, J. Wayde Allen wrote:
> On Wed, 17 Oct 2001, Nate Duehr wrote:
> > The ham repeater in question is not available in Boulder (the Flatirons
> > block the signal, but you can use it 100 miles in any other direction!
> Where is the repeater located?  

Ancient Chinese secret.  Nah - heh, it's up near Evergreen.  

> > argh...), but I know we chatted privately about showing it off back when
> > the group was meeting at NIST, Wayde.  You said a static non-firewalled IP
> > would be available.
> Yes, that "was" possible.  You "might" be able to get this at CU, but my
> experience has always been that the bureaucracy of the University
> community sets the upper bar for complexity.

Yeah, that's what I figured.

> > If one is available at the new meeting site along
> > with a relatively low-latency upstream connection (VoIP needs that,
> > kinda) I could bring a portable node using a couple of handheld radios
> > to demo it.
> I think there are two approaches.  One is the classic technical
> presentation that simply discusses the hows and why's with a brief
> overview of the underlying technology.  That can be done without any
> hardware at all.  Nevertheless, demo's are cool and if we could setup a
> mini-version of the system to show off that would be an option.  We can
> probably get enough computers.  You could get with some volunteers and
> configure everything a day or two in advance, and simply show up with a
> working system.

Ok, I'll start working on a demo system using two computers and two
radios.  It'll be a little while till it'll be ready.

> > Chris R., is network available at the campus location that meets the
> > above requirements?
> Chris of course will need to answer this.  However, my gut feeling is that
> trusting the CU network to just work correctly is looking for trouble.  
> My suggestion would be to work on a stand alone demo and to leave the CU
> network out of the equation.  You can control your own hardware and
> minimize the surprises.
> > or I can work out a way to "crossband repeat" from the Jeep inside to
> > a handheld radio but that's not as fun as getting to poke around with
> > the machine, see the interface board work, etc.
> Not sure what you mean by "crossband repeat from the Jeep inside"?  This
> may be sufficient to show what is going on however.  In any case, remember
> that simple working demos tend to be more interesting that more complex
> not working ones.


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