[lug] Key board hanging!!

V N Pandey vnpandey at rri.res.in
Sat Oct 20 08:17:20 MDT 2001

The same problem(as below written by jxfish2 <jxfish2 at uswest.net>, is
happening with me!!! when I leave the PC for more than 2-3 hours inactive
the keyboard hangs.. but I can login to the machine from some other
network and work properly as if evrything is allright..but if I have to
work on the same PC, i.e. I have to reboot it... If I keep on working on
it for long hours it works without problem... I am having redhat 7.1..

Best regards,

Joe wrote:

It happened again... My system was locked up, tight as a drum this
morning... Had to push the reset button and reboot... The good news,
however... The xset command that I used, prevented the screen from
blanking... All of my windows were still open... The bad news,
(continued)... My mouse was frozen... My keyboard was frozen... And the
worst news yet (further continued)... No errors... Nothing to indicate why
the system froze... Is there some kind of timeout in Linux? Something that
would cause the system to freeze, if it's inactive for more
than a certain length of time? Any help would be much appreciated...
Thanks in advance,

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