[lug] Demo ideas for next meeting

Dhruva Reddy sledgehammer2010 at yahoo.com
Mon Nov 5 10:50:15 MST 2001

Well, I just discovered LaTeX, and am shocked at how
easy it is to crank out professional-looking documents
with it.  If there are enough people who have heard of
it, but never sat down to play with it, I would be
willing to talk about it.


--- Chris Riddoch <socket at peakpeak.com> wrote:
> It's that time again, folks.
> Would anybody like to volunteer to give a 10-minute
> demo before the
> Jabber talk?
> The demos have been a good way for people to get
> exposed to another
> piece of free software, or a little detail about
> their systems. If
> you've discovered something useful and would like to
> show off how to
> use it, or if there's something you'd like to know
> more about that
> someone may be able to show on a big screen, now's a
> good time to say
> so!
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