[lug] Demo ideas for next meeting

Ed Hill ed at eh3.com
Mon Nov 5 11:10:57 MST 2001

Hi Dhruva,

I've been using \LaTeX since the early '90s and would be
happy to provide some example documents.  I think LaTeX
is much easier for beginners if they are given some
example files so (letters, articles, etc.) they can treat
them like templates...


ps - It used to be difficult to produce good-looking
      PDFs with LaTeX/dvips but using recent tetex
      packages and ghostscript v7.0x:


      does a *beautiful* job.  The commands are:

        latex filename
        dvips -Ppdf -G0 filename
        ps2pdf filename.ps

      and *bang* you have a great-looking typeset PDF
      to share on the web.  ;-)

Dhruva Reddy wrote:

> Well, I just discovered LaTeX, and am shocked at how
> easy it is to crank out professional-looking documents
> with it.  If there are enough people who have heard of
> it, but never sat down to play with it, I would be
> willing to talk about it.

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