[lug] file size/md5sum info at rpmfind.net

qqq1one @yahoo.com qqq1one at yahoo.com
Mon Nov 5 13:20:55 MST 2001

I just downloaded sndconfig-0.65.2-1.i386 and several
other files several times from rpmfind.net.  Each time
I do, Netscape and "ls -l" report a different
(although consistent) file size compared to what
rpmfind.net has published.

For instance,

states that sndconfig-0.65.2-1.i386.rpm has a file
size of 558597 and MD5:

I get 233502 and 25d28879bebe7f0cd6464f0435c3e7d6.  Of
course, if the file size is different I would expect
the mds5um to be different too.  But I don't know
what's wrong: is the published info at rpmfind.net
wrong, or am I getting a modified file?

Can someone else get the same file
and let me know what they get for the size and md5sum?

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