[lug] Another win for Linux

Jeff feenix at ticnet.com
Mon Nov 5 18:20:10 MST 2001

I now have staroffice 6.0 beta and have to say that I am quite
impressed.  It will import/export virutally all M$ products.  My wife
uses Win98 w/ office 2k and we exchange stuff all the time with *no*
problems.  I'm curious to see how your project goes.  Keep us posted,


Jeffrey Siegal wrote:
> Al wrote:
> > Anyone have any URLs for reading up on what this will take? I need a
> > window manager that will be as easy a transition as possible for my
> > users.
> Not just a window manager but a whole desktop environment.  KDE and
> GNOME are the leading contenders.
> You'll probably want some kind of office suite.  Take a look at
> Applixware and StarOffice/OpenOffice.  KOffice (for KDE) and Gnome
> Office are rougher but worth a look as well.
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