[lug] Tape Drives on Linux

Greg Horne jeerygh at hotmail.com
Wed Nov 7 14:30:50 MST 2001

Hey all,

    I've been having a hell of a time getting Iomega Ditto 2GB, and
Easy 800 drives working with linux.  I've spent a while trying to
get them to work.
    There is not very good documentation on getting
them working, and success stories are low compared to complaints.
I'm don't want to use iomega drives anymore.  Does anybody have
suggestions as to which tape drives work the best under Red Hat Linux?

I Need
1. External (Unless there is a really good internal drive, but I have
   about 8 servers that will need to be using backup, so...)
2. Non-SCSI
3. At least 2GB storage capacity on the tapes

Any suggestions?

Greg Horne

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