[lug] Problem with LILO & WIn 2k

John Karns jkarns at csd.net
Tue Nov 6 12:31:48 MST 2001

On Tue, 6 Nov 2001, "Saltiel, Hernán Claudio" said:

> 	I didn't create a /boot partition on a cyl <1024, because my disc is
> patitioned into two 10 Gb. partitions, and I have a lot of work on the Win2k
> partition, so I cannot delete it!

Partition magic works very well in this kind of situation, allowing one to
manipulate the partitions as desired to place them within desired
boundaries, re-size, etc.  I guess now there are one or two open source
pkgs which function in a similar manner.  Not sure how well any of them
deal with NTFS formatted partitions, if at all, although I suspect that
the later versions of PM would be capable.  These later versions also
include a boot loader which may be your advantage.  I've been user of PM
since version 1 when it came out for OS/2, and always had good results.
Although I did hear of some problems with one of the early versions which
included the boot loader.

John Karns                                        jkarns at csd.net

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