[lug] video modes in Xfree86 version 4

Jeff Walker jeffwalker at bwn.net
Thu Nov 8 12:03:34 MST 2001

Last meeting, we had trouble getting the overhead projector to work in
linux.  Someone suggested using the VESA default modelines, and maybe that
would work.

I was messing around with my XF86Config-4 file (started out as a stock red
hat 7.1) (something I haven't done since the good 'ole days of version 3)
and I see that you now don't have to specify modelines for VESA standard
resolutions.  Attached is my config file if anyone is interested.  I added
the extra resolutions, and I didn't have to give the modelines for them.
Pretty neat.  (Is this new to version 4 or did I miss that in version 3....)

So, maybe, next time we need an overhead projector on linux (tonight
perhaps?) we should try this, that is, unless someone else has already
figured out the real cause, and this is a red herring.

BTW, after I added these modes to the "display" section, all I had to do was
restart the X server.


Ps. Has anyone tried to use the rpms from nvidia to get an accelerated x
server on linux?  I downloaded them (one for rh7.1 single proc) and rpm said
that they weren't really rpms.  oh well.
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