[lug] video modes in Xfree86 version 4

Dhruva B. Reddy sledgehammer2010 at yahoo.com
Thu Nov 8 12:13:34 MST 2001

Thanks, Jeff!  I guess we'll find out tonight.


On Thu, Nov 08, 2001 at 12:03:34PM -0700, quoth Jeff Walker:
> Last meeting, we had trouble getting the overhead projector to work in
> linux.  Someone suggested using the VESA default modelines, and maybe that
> would work.
> I was messing around with my XF86Config-4 file (started out as a stock red
> hat 7.1) (something I haven't done since the good 'ole days of version 3)
> and I see that you now don't have to specify modelines for VESA standard
> resolutions.  Attached is my config file if anyone is interested.  I added
> the extra resolutions, and I didn't have to give the modelines for them.
> Pretty neat.  (Is this new to version 4 or did I miss that in version 3....)
> So, maybe, next time we need an overhead projector on linux (tonight
> perhaps?) we should try this, that is, unless someone else has already
> figured out the real cause, and this is a red herring.
> BTW, after I added these modes to the "display" section, all I had to do was
> restart the X server.
> -Jeff
> Ps. Has anyone tried to use the rpms from nvidia to get an accelerated x
> server on linux?  I downloaded them (one for rh7.1 single proc) and rpm said
> that they weren't really rpms.  oh well.

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