[lug] video modes in Xfree86 version 4

Jeff Walker jeffwalker at bwn.net
Thu Nov 8 15:39:58 MST 2001

What you say is true.  Tonight will be my second real meeting (been lurking
on the list a while though), so a big deal was made about the projector not
working with linux, versus always working with windows.  From the
discussion, I thought it was a chronic problem.

No big deal.  (also, I just thought it was interesting that you didn't have
to mess with modelines anymore unless you just have a strange set-up, or
liked pain (or half your screen going off the edge of the monitor for much
of the day) ;-).

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> On Thu, 8 Nov 2001, Jeff Walker wrote:
> > So, maybe, next time we need an overhead projector on linux (tonight
> > perhaps?) we should try this, that is, unless someone else has already
> > figured out the real cause, and this is a red herring.
> This would indeed be something to try sometime when there is a projector
> handy.  However, the odd thing is that most of the time the projectors
> work pretty well.  We get maybe two machines a year that hickup for some
> reason or another, and seldom do we have time to really troubleshoot the
> cause.  I think that we'd need to have a machine that is not working with
> the projector in order to really see if your fix works.
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