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Riggs, Rob RRiggs at doubleclick.net
Fri Nov 9 08:34:51 MST 2001

I use the drivers from Nvidia in RPM and SRPM form as well (they never seem
to have the right kernel module for me). I have a TNT2 on an SMP machine.
I'm less than impressed with its stability. With the X server from this
summer, my X session would crash after a 8-12 hours of use. The new drivers
last for about 24-48 hours of use before crashing. These are all probably
SMP related problems. They've been fighting bad SMP bugs in their code since
day one.

I'm really thinking about reverting to the XFree86 drivers. They are rock
solid. And I don't really need 3D (though it is nice to play with). I am,
however, quickly tiring of Microsoftesque stability on my Linux workstation.


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> Ps. Has anyone tried to use the rpms from nvidia to get an accelerated x
> server on linux?  I downloaded them (one for rh7.1 single proc) and rpm
> that they weren't really rpms.  oh well.

The RPM's work pretty well for me. I rebuild the kernel pkg from the
RPM though. 


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