[lug] Qmailadmin

Shannon Johnston nunar at nunar.com
Fri Nov 9 17:03:31 MST 2001

Yes, I'm trying to log in as postmaster.

The domain exists in the ~vpopmail/domains and the postmaster user exists
inside of that. I've got the clear passwords enabled so I could verify
that I didn't fat-finger the password.

I'm trying to access this through a web browser.

Shannon Johnston
nunar at nunar.com

Hiroshima '45 Chernobyl '86 Windows '95


On Fri, 9 Nov 2001, John Starkey wrote:

> Thus spake Shannon Johnston (nunar at nunar.com):
> > Does anybody have experience with qmail admin? If so, do you have any
> > ideas as to why a new install won't log me in?
> I assume you've confirmed the password?
> Have you checked $vpopmail_home/domains to make sure the domain is in there and that the username is in that dir? Is this postmaster that you're trying to log in as?
> John
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