[lug] Graph Layout Software

David dajo at frii.com
Fri Nov 9 18:22:45 MST 2001

> By graph layout software I mean sw that takes a specification of nodes
> and edges and pretty-prints a graph from them.

> > Wow..  if you find one let me know..  Even if its for windows.

> > Dia may be nice, but I doubt it does anything like what dajo
> > seems to be asking for.  Given a raw graph, i.e., a set of
> > nodes and a set of edges, then it is not an easy task to
> > "pretty-print" it.  You may want to look at chemical ...

> > Out of curiosity, is this merely the kind of graph from applied
> > combinatorics? If so, are your graphs directed or undirected? What
> > format is your raw data in?

I do want something to do the hard job.  Software that does this kind
of thing does exist, a package was used under licence by a company
that I used to work for; so, if all else fails I can find out its
name, which, of course, I have forgotten.  I hesitate to ask about
that package, and wrote to blug, because, as I remember, it was
expensive - surprise!  Expensive means, for commercial users, $50-150K
per annum, it may have been more  =8-O

Dan, I do not know what you mean by "merely the kind of graph from
applied combinatorics".  The package that I have had experience of was
highly capable, and could be configured extensively, and directed or
undirected configuration was relatively trivial.  My data can be
regarded as either depending on how you look at it.  The raw data
configuration also is really not significant: the user must configure
his data to suit the package *wrt the graph aspects* - which does not
mean any other configuration, i.e., you do not need to trash your data.

I shall let blug know if I find anything interesting.  Thanks for the


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