[lug] Loadlin.exe Syntax

D. Stimits stimits at idcomm.com
Sat Nov 10 14:01:53 MST 2001

SoloCDM wrote:
> In previous Linux versions I used
> `shell=c:\linux\mandrake\loadlin.exe c:\linux\mandrake\vmlinuz
> initrd=c:\linux\mandrake\initrd.img root=/dev/hdb2 ro
> append="mem=64MB"' to boot Linux from Win9x.  Now it doesn't work.
> What is wrong?

It's been a very long time since I've used loadlin, but what are the
symptoms, beyond "won't work"? You might try without the "shell=", and
simply run the command as is, from a dos prompt (cd to
c:\linux\mandrake, and run "loadlin c:\.....").

D. Stimits, stimits at idcomm.com

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