[lug] Graph Layout Software

Chuck Morrison cmorrison at greeleynet.com
Sun Nov 11 02:23:05 MST 2001

Sorry to post so late on this one. I had to get to a computer with the 
software on it to remember what it was called. 

I learned about S-language earlier this year. It has a GNU GPL version called 
"R".  It is a statistical language originally developed at AT&T (Bell) labs 
(now Lucent) and can do some nice graphing (in X windows). I discovered it 
when looking for jobs, it was used in a government web development site. I 
tried it out and liked it.

For the GNU R see:

There is now an "S Plus" available (not free) from:

On Saturday 10 November 2001 14:59, Paul Walmsley wrote:
> On Fri, 9 Nov 2001, David wrote:
> > I am looking for some graph layout software to run on Linux, can
> > anyone help, please?
> >
> > By graph layout software I mean sw that takes a specification of nodes
> > and edges and pretty-prints a graph from them.
> consider GraphViz, <http://www.graphviz.org/>
> - Paul
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