[lug] Newline in a filename

Timothy C. Klein teece at silverklein.net
Sun Nov 11 13:41:10 MST 2001

* D. Stimits (stimits at idcomm.com) wrote:
> "Timothy C. Klein" wrote:
> The second possibility is to quote your file names, and for the newline
> portion, precede with the "literal quote" sequence, control-v. So if you
> hit control-g on a regular console (maybe on xterms, depends on setup),
> you'd get a bell; if you use control-v control-g, then you'd see ^g and
> it would not be interpreted. To quote return key, use control-v return.
> The above sample might instead look like:
> ls -aF "abc.txt^J".
I had forgotten about this trick.  I tried it, but I can't get it to
work with the new line character.  I can insert © with ctrl-v in vi, I
can instert a bel (ctrl-g), etc, but when I do ctrl-j or decimal 10 I
get the actual new line, rather than an escaped version.  Curious.  I
guess it is a perl script or wild cards then.

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