[lug] RE: Why Linux will win and Micro$oft will lose

Jeremy jeremy at pedalwrench.com
Sun Nov 11 16:37:16 MST 2001


I too believe that eventually one day Linux and Open Source will be the
defacto standard for everything.  There are a couple of  things that need to
happen, 1)The the suits (owners, Managers, and bean counters) need to be
shown the TCO(Total Cost of Ownership) of Linux/Open Source.  Which has not
really happened yet.  The Cost of switching everthing to a Linux
desktop/server is pretty high right now.  Sure you can get the software for
free, but installing, and training the users is a pain in the butt, and
expensive (Who Trains for free?).
2)  Innovation, where is it?  I don't see the newest things coming out on
Linux.  If we want to take over were going to have to Invent new ways of
doing things, not just copy the rest of the world. Example: Ximian's
Evolution - ripoff of MSOutlook.  Instead of ripping it off and making it
connect to MSExchange make a better platform.  i.e make a workgroup
information management tool server and client.
MSExchange2000 is $4000 for the enterprise edition,  cut that cost to
nothing and you might have a couple more servers and desktops running Linux.
3) GAMES, I am not talking about checkers, etc.  i am talking about really
really awesome 3D super games (MechWarrior, Thief, Flight Sims).  Games are
driving computer sales right now( Do you really need a Geforce card to run
Word?).  We get games Developed, Ported , whatever to Linux, then watch
out(I get excited thinking of the possbilities!) , the only reason I still
use MSWindow98 is because of games, I bought far to many $50 games to let
them sit in a jewel case because my OS won't run them.
4) Atitude,  The atitude of the current OpenSource community sucks.  one
reason I never will buy a Dodge auto is because the only sales guy I ever
talked to about  a Dodge ripped on the Saturn i was thinking of buying,
making me fell like a idiot for even considering another vehicle other than
Dodge.  Needless to say i don't own a Dodge (american made in general for
that fact).  If we want to sell our selves then don't rip on the
Competition, sight logical points of what your product can do and why a
customer should go with you instead of the other guy.  Dont just say "oh,
their product sucks".  MS actually really does have some great software out
there (MechWarrior, Mappoint, Visio, Win2000 etc.).  So we have to make ours
better, easier, and faster.

So, yes we will eventually take over it will just take time and paradigm
shifts in thinking to do it.

Thanks for reading.


PS.  List owners if this is to long let me know I will try to keep it
shorter next time.

Jeremy Schroeder
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