[lug] RE: Why Linux will win and Micro$oft will lose

Kelly Brock krbrock at pacbell.net
Sun Nov 11 20:08:07 MST 2001

Hi All,

> > 3) GAMES, I am not talking about checkers, etc.  i am
> talking about really
> > really awesome 3D super games (MechWarrior, Thief, Flight
> Sims).  Games are
> > driving computer sales right now( Do you really need a
> Geforce card to run
> > Word?).  We get games Developed, Ported , whatever to
> Linux, then watch
> > out(I get excited thinking of the possbilities!) , the only
> reason I still
> > use MSWindow98 is because of games, I bought far to many
> $50 games to let
> > them sit in a jewel case because my OS won't run them.
> This is being worked on :) With any luck, part of a current
> project will
> get a short spot in "Game Programming Gems III" (cheers for
> Kelly), some
> of the framework might be ahead of the commercial games.


	*Games* is different than hopefully getting an article approved for GPG.
The Sims has already been ported to Linux, kinda, we're currently ripping
all of the port out of TSO though, it was done badly for our current

	Anyway, to put this in focus.  I have proposed an article for GPG III based
on a cross platform item that Dan and I are working on.  It has nothing to
do with my job other than the minor fact that a *similiar* system is used
for TSO and the last three game projects I've worked on.  The article in
question is very game oriented and of course my position with a major game
developer *may* be interresting to the Linux community, other than that...
Not much to say...

	As to the Linux taking over thread..  I hate to say this but:

1.	I feel quite comfortable being a Win32 only programmer for the next 10
years even though I'm exerting effort on learning Linux.  I suspect/hope
that Linux starts picking up a market to *justify*, financially, a real
Linux game dev market.  Right now that's not the case no matter how many
people on this list say it *is* justified.  I'm sorry to say this but, just
look how well Loki did and we've worked with them in the past.

2.	As a programmer I'd rather program for Linux but.  Even if all you Linux
people actually purchased all of our games it *still* is unlikely to payback
our developement efforts much less show a profit, AT THIS TIME.  Please
don't flame me for this, it's just the financial reality when you have 25
*programmers* on a project, not to mention all 50 artists, managers etc
etc...  A burn rate of 2+ million a month takes a LOT of justification and
Linux just doesn't cover it right now.

3.	It was all we could do to argue that our servers should be Linux based.
Trying to support a Linux client wasn't even considered.

	Anyway, two things please.  Don't forward this onto other lists and of
course the general disclaimer that I do not speak for EA or Maxis in anyway.
If you want *real* information contant the companies...


	Kelly Brock
	The Sims Online
	Maxis - Electronic Arts.

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