[lug] Santa dropped a DNS bomb

John Starkey jstarkey at advancecreations.com
Mon Dec 24 22:58:34 MST 2001

Guess I was bad this year.

Today at about 11a I started having DNS issues. For about an hour I lost everything, even dialup died. Things went back to normal for a few hours and around 4p I lost it again.

I decided it was time to upgrade the router so I did that and set up DHCP on ATTBI -- I've been using static for a year and a half. On the router, I'm able to access any site I want. But on all the machines behind the router I'm unable to access anything via domain name. 

HTTP, SSH, email, ftp all work using the IP, behind the router. I've switched the resolv.confs with the one from the new ATTBI setup. The DNS port is open and I've even tried with ACCEPT all. Anything in /etc/hosts is working.

Looking at the network mon I see that ping times were all over the place throughout last night and today, triggering warnings, but it's the new and improved ATTBI, so that's to be expected.

Anyone know what else I could look at? Nothing at all, that I know of, changed when everything first dropped out. I wasn't even caffeinated at that point, so I wasn't screwing with any internals.



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