[lug] MX records in DNS

Eric Kilfoil ekilfoil at viawest.net
Thu Dec 27 08:40:09 MST 2001

Is there some sort of rule about using profanity on this mailing list?
The use of the word NT-M**l was completely unwarranted and unneccesary.
This should certainly be a punsihable offense. :)

My favorite bug in NT-M**l was a message destined to a user with a space
in it such as:

"username @domain.tld"

would be sent to every local account.  heh...


On Thu, 20 Dec 2001 rm at fabula.de wrote:

> Yes, by the specs you are certainly right, but it's up to the
> MTA client making the DNS request to interprete the MX records
> preference value.  IMHO i think it's way too likely that some
> broken client will cough on a zero preference value ....
> I recall a problem we had a few years ago with an MS based POP
> mailer (NT-M**l if memory serves me right) that got the pop
> RFC all wrong (missinterpreted the return value of the LAST
> command) and allways left one mail on the server ;-)

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