[lug] logging with bind 8

charles at lunarmedia.net charles at lunarmedia.net
Fri Dec 28 13:22:09 MST 2001

i'd like to have bind log to its own file within /var/log rather than to 
syslog. i have configured:

        // logging
        logging {

          // shunt logging to a local file
          channel log_to_file {
            file "/var/log/named/dnslog";
            severity info;

          // specify where categories should log
          category default { log_to_file; };

however, upon restarting bind, its still logging everything to 
/var/log/messages, which is precisely what i had hoped to avoid. i'm 
reading through dns&bind pp147-151. anyone see incorrect syntax right off 
that sticks out?

thanks -c

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