[lug] More Light Needed

Crawford Rainwater crawford.rainwater at itec-co.com
Tue Jan 22 07:41:11 MST 2002

Pardon me for missing the initial post here,
but if you are looking for a text only Linux
version that is short and sweet, I came across
LNX-BBC at the LinuxWorld Expo in San Francisco
back in August.  They have things condensed
down to a 50MB CD-ROM business card basically.
I used the copy I received as an emergency Linux
disk personally, saved my poor laptop a few times
from the harms of M$ Winblows usage.

Their site is at www.lnx-bbc.org if memory serves
me right.

Hopefully I see what you were initially asking for,
if not, maybe this will give some pointers for what
you are looking for.

--- Crawford

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> Thanks Guys for the initial response to my
> questions:
> Maybe a bit more light is needed here

> Over the last 4 years or so I have installed/used
> many different types of Linux distributions
> Slackware, Red Hat, Mandrake, SuSE and Debian.
> I settled on SuSE as it seemed in many ways
> to be the easiest one to mod out the many
> unwanted nasties.
> IMHO none of them are really what I am looking
> for in their present forms. All seem to me to
> be trying to do the "Bill Gates" thing
> example: AOL Time Warner/ Red Hat
> Empire build.
> Just take a good look at all the Networking/
> Training Service prices that Red Hat/SuSE/
> Others seem to want to screw out of you!
> Thats their real and only main interest in Linux.
> I wish to produce full stop

> An easy way, via a boot CD, of a pure Linux
> base install that in many ways is like the
> old MS DOS system but containing the C compiler
> and header includes and Bash shell for the end
> user to install freely whatever He/She wishes
> via un-doctored tar source files.
> I guess what I am saying is that I want to make
> a Linux distribution without added junk or
> withheld info that gives the end user total
> freedom to do their own thing.
> Stability

> I have looked hard at RPM's V pure tar source
> from the stability point of view and have
> found that most RPM's are bodged up to
> hide/cover up errors within that particular
> distributions idea of a Linux Standard Base
> System. (opt/kde2 v /usr/local/kde2)
> My experience to-date has shown me that
> compiling up first the kernel to your systems
> hardware,  Xfree 86, and compiling up KDE2
> from pure source tar files will produce one
> hell of a stable system.
> I am looking for pointers Guys

> Web addresses for info and any good advise/ideas.
> Regards,
> James at jabcomp.force9.co.uk
> http://www.jabcomp.force9.co.uk/
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