[lug] February 14th talk?

David Morris david at morris-clan.net
Wed Jan 23 09:44:51 MST 2002

Most of the discussion seems to be on RPM packages and RedHat.  If we want
to talk about package management, the discussion would not be complete
without including Debian packages (DEB packages), and apt-get.  RPM and DEB
are both very popular package formats, and both are widely used...and the
fenatics can usually come up with an equal list of arguments for either
format.  A discussion of plain old .tgz package management would be
appropriate too.

I like the panel idea mentioned...perhaps we could get at least one person
who is knowledgeable on each of .deb, .rpm, and .tgz packages, and a few
different points of view (i.e. creating packages, administration using
packages).  In many cases, there could be one person who knows multiple
areas, but likely we would have about 3-5 panelists who each give a brief
speil, then answer questions/spark discussion.


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