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Thu Jan 24 14:07:29 MST 2002

> > 1) Does anyone know of a decent webmail system that can query a 
> > account, doesn't append advertising garbage to the bottom of 
> > and doesn't require me having a server somewhere to install it on?  I
> > was trying to use the demo server on http://www.horde.org/imp/
> > yesterday, which has a *nice* interface, but couldn't send messages
> > for some reason.
> Are you saying you need a web service because you don't have ANY 
server, or are
> you saying you don't have a /spare/ server for webmail(/db/etc)?

I don't have permission to install new servers or complex CGIs on the 
systems I have remote access to - how's that?

> If it is the second, let me recommend SquirrelMail 

Yup. There's a bunch of stuff in this category. If I had access to a box 
sitting somewhere where nobody  would mind me installing stuff on it, 

As for IMAP vs. POP3, I don't really care because I store all my email on 
my laptop anyway, and keep stuff on the server only when I'm checking my 
email from a terminal.
> Also, let me apologize for the Peak to Peak ad below.  I'm out of town 
and they
> don't support SMTP AUTH :-(

Yes, that's just the thing. As you can see, I'm on Peak to peak as well, but 
the webmail interface is one of the worst I've come across, and I want to 
avoid having the extra six-line ad appended to all of my messages. I put it 
on the level of being a walking billboard for <clothing corporation>.

Thus, I'd like another way to get at my email. To their credit, connection 
difficulties with peaktopeak are extremely rare (almost always Qworst's 
fault) and they've got great service and know Linux.

Chris Riddoch
socket at peakpeak.com

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