[lug] Weird permission changing

Ferdinand Schmid fschmid at archenergy.com
Thu Jan 24 14:18:51 MST 2002

Y have a hard time believing yast or any other linux configuration tool would 
brake ssh.  If your personal key isn't 600 then newer versions of ssh won't even 
I would second Sean's opinion about user error.


D. Stimits wrote:

> Chip Atkinson wrote:
>>Greetings all,
>>I'm getting some strange behavior and was wondering if anyone has seen
>>anything similar.  I seem to have file permissions changing now and then.
>>For example, the .ssh/identity file changed mode from 600 oto 644.
>>There are other files that have changed permissions too, but it doesn't
>>appear that there are trojan version of any files, that I can see.
>>I'm just looking for any hints to save some time at this point.
>>Thanks in advance.
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> What distribution? I know SuSE has yast do some things during startup,
> and can end up altering file permissions to match what it thinks they
> should be. I don't know if other distros do that.
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Ferdinand Schmid

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