[lug] Sys-V init stuff

Riggs, Rob RRiggs at doubleclick.net
Thu Jan 24 14:54:19 MST 2002

The closest thing to what you want is tksysv, a horrible little tool.

However, I've found that it safer to use "rpm -e" rather than "chkconfig
off". No need to have the packages installed if you aren't using them.


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From: John Hernandez [mailto:John.Hernandez at noaa.gov]

I'm looking for a GUI (or preferably curses-style) front-end to 
Redhat's chkconfig Sys-V init management program.  One of the things 
that takes me the longest after installing a system is wading through 
the services and running 'chkconfig --level 2345 whatever off' 
something like 15 or 20 times.  Recommendations to speed this process? 
  It's probably already in there and I've just missed it.

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