[lug] Weird permission changing

Ferdinand Schmid fschmid at archenergy.com
Fri Jan 25 08:17:42 MST 2002

Richard Fifarek wrote:

> 	RedHat does, at least in the current version.  There is a default 
> firewall set that you have the option of installing that is incredibly 
> restrictive.  Secondly, if you take the time to do a custom install (which 
> very few folks do), then you can make RedHat as secure as anything.  For 
> even more hardening, go to http://www.bastille-linux.org.

I am aware of bastille-linux for hardening and am glad to hear that RH now 
offers a firewall install.

> 	A lot of people point the blame at the distro.  I'm far more
> inclined to point the blame at the admin.  RedHat was a victim of their
> popularity and relative ease of install in terms of their reputation for
> security.


There are few sysadmins who have unlimited time for creating their installs. 
Being able to start with a basic set of features rather than having to go 
through a huge laundry list of apps that need to be de-selected seems really 
valuable to me.  This is even more important since RH didn't used to offer you a 
<<save this install>> option so you could go through the process once and then 
save your custom selections to floppy disk.
As far as ease of install goes I agree with Network Computing magazine's test - 
SuSE's administration tools seem more stable than RedHat's.

I run RH (KRUD) systems along with other distros and love RPM.  But I think RH 
needs to hear (repeatedly) what people would like to see added to their distro. 
  Constructive criticism is valuable.

Ferdinand Schmid

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