[lug] C++ IDEs for Linux?

Scott A. Herod herod at interact-tv.com
Mon Jan 28 12:09:00 MST 2002

Kdevelop is EVIL, but then I'm biased; I've tried to use it.

It does work on non-gui projects, in fact that is the only thing
that I've ever used it on.  Everyone else here uses it but I don't
like the editor ( xemacs is better ).  It stores some of the build
environment in its own configuration file rather than in the standard
GNU config files so that you can't run "make distclean"; "configure";
"make all" from the command line and have it work.  I suppose the
debugging wrapper around gdb is ok, but so is Insight from the Cygnus

I've never tried any commercial packages.


Alan Robertson wrote:
> Hi,
> Any recommendations?  Kdevelop looks reasonably nice.  Does it work on
> non-GUI projects as well?
> Any other suggestions?
> Free or commercial...
>         -- Alan Robertson
>            alanr at unix.sh

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