[lug] Status of installfest planning

Chris Riddoch socket at peakpeak.com
Mon Jan 28 20:43:37 MST 2002

--What we've got--

I've reserved two rooms. One of the rooms we've used before- ECCR 105,
and the other is ECCR 150, both are in the Engineering center of CU.
The reason for this is that there are tables in the rooms, power at
most seats, ethernet in at least one of the rooms (maybe both by the
end of next week) and rather importantly, it's free. We'll have enough
space for about 30 installs at once, but I seriously doubt it'll be
that popular.

There are loading docks that will make it easier to take things up to
the rooms. There's a much faster way, but chances are *very* likely
that it would result in people getting ticketed, so I won't suggest
it. I'll draw a map to help show you how to find the loading dock, and
the room from there. Along with it will be penguins to help lead the

I checked with University Parking. There's a basketball game that
afternoon, but it doesn't start until 3. The installfest starts at

Someone mentioned getting CDs of Staroffice. I don't have a working
beta of Staroffice 6, but I do have 'install641C_linux_intel.tar.gz'
of OpenOffice, (yay for the university's ethernet) and I can burn some

I was emailed a typical waiver to use before installing anything. I'll
fill in "Boulder Linux Users Group" on the relevant blanks and make

I found a stable metal cart by the shipping elevator today, I hope
it's still there a week from Saturday, but I've also got offers for
equipment to help carry equipment.

--What we still need--

CDs of distributions.

Surge protectors.

Spare keyboards and mice, clearly labeled with an owner.

Other extra hardware to ease installation - temporary spare network
cards, CD drives, etc. for machines that lack them. Also clearly
labeled with an owner. Don't want anything walking off.

Ethernet cords and a sufficient hub/router, just in case.

Advertisements. I'll be doing some sketches tomorrow, and will post
flyers around campus (particularly the engineering center). It's
off-season for sidewalk chalkings, and given the probability of the
random blizzard happening by, that's probably not worth the
while... If you have short slogans that could inspire someone to
install linux, send them my way. Also, would someone take care of the
off-campus advertising?

A backup plan in case the second room doesn't have ethernet by the
time we get there. There's only two walls between the rooms, so I
suspect routing through 802.11b is an option?  I've got a couple ideas
for a backup plan in case the university's network fails (or wants to
charge us exorbitant amounts of money for using it)...

Anything else I'm forgetting?

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