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Jason Davis jd_480 at hotmail.com
Mon Jan 28 22:32:04 MST 2002


I just got dsl and started hosting my tildy sight
from work on one of my linux boxes behind my cisco 678.
I just ftped the contents of pub_html (my tildy root dir.)
to /usr/local/apache/htdocs. Set nat entry on router to forward
port 5000 tcp of pub. ip to port 80. In netscape
you can see the page just fine.In i.e. i got a error telling me some generic
message and does not display page at all. BAck to netscape,
when i try to download of my page i get error that the file
is unavlable .. so im wondering since the dowload was using http
..wich is port 80 ...my web server running  on port 80 behind
router is try to send back on port 80 and traffic is not getting
'dnated' ...so maye i shoud just have apache listen on 5000
and chage nat rule to forward to 5000 thousan instead of 80..
sorry to bluner...the thought just came to me...

  Jason Davis
   jd_480 at hotmail.com

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