[lug] ppp dial up server with RH7.2

Hobbs: Nobuki Matsui nobuki at psych.colorado.edu
Wed Jan 30 10:39:22 MST 2002

Thank you for your suggestion; I did not doubt the serial port.
These are my current settings below...

localhost:nobuki {109} sudo setserial -a /dev/modem
/dev/modem, Line 0, UART: 16550A, Port: 0x03f8, IRQ: 4
        Baud_base: 115200, close_delay: 50, divisor: 0
        closing_wait: 3000
        Flags: spd_normal skip_test

N Matsui

On Tue, 29 Jan 2002, D. Stimits wrote:

> Hobbs: Nobuki Matsui wrote:
> > 
> > Dear all,
> >         I am trying to set up a ppp dial-up server with RH7.2.  I had a
> > success with RH6.1 before, however it does not work with RH7.2 with the
> > same settings.  I searched the webs for a solution and I started wondering
> > if it is a 2.4 kernel issue...  There are some bugs as to ppp in the 2.4
> > kernel as far as I found, using google.  All the garbage in the log file
> > and LCP Timeout suggests the computers are having a hard time
> > negotiating.  Apending 'EXPECT ~' line to the chat.scr would give me a
> > normal login.
> >         I wonder if anybody has any suggestions.
> The last couple of times I had LCP timeout, I had to run setserial to
> make sure the serial port and the rest of the system had the same idea
> of what was there. In particular, I used almost the same as the default
> parameters, but added the spd_normal and skip_test, plus specified
> specifically the 16550A uart. Note that "setserial -a
> /dev/whatver_the_modem_is" will give you current settings.
> D. Stimits, stimits at idcomm.com

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