[lug] Re: Coding night questions

trentjarvi at yahoo.com trentjarvi at yahoo.com
Wed Jan 30 20:14:22 MST 2002

On 28 Jan 2002, Chris Riddoch wrote:

> Thanks for the info, Sean. As you suggest, I'm posting this reply to
> BLUG as well. This is much more detailed than I'd expected, and it
> sounds like a lot of fun to me!
> I'll see about getting ECCR 105 reserved for most Thursday evenings I
> can, for the semester.  And I'll bring my laptop. We can probably plug
> a CD player (or laptop - someone else's. Audio on my laptop is hosed,
> for some reason) into the speakers in the room and see how they do.
> Is anyone else interested?

This sounds great.  I took a look at the hackingsociety maillist.  Nice 
idea.  Are directions going to be posted?  I assume this is a room at CSU.

Maybe I missed them.

Trent Jarvi
trentjarvi at yahoo.com

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