[lug] ISP recommendations

Nate Duehr nate at natetech.com
Thu Jan 31 00:44:51 MST 2002

Front Range Internet -- www.frii.com

Good service, good prices on DSL via Qwest transport (so you can stay far
away from MSN... heh), address issues quickly, and friendly folks.

Clueful about shells too, require a photo ID before a shell account is
granted, which I found amazing in today's "we'll take anyone as long as they
pay us" environment.  Shell's on BSD I think, however...(been a long time
since I used it) so if you needed a true Linux shell... ?

Nate Duehr, nate at natetech.com

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Subject: [lug] ISP recommendations

> Can anyone suggest a good dial-up ISP in the Denver/Boulder area?
> By good I mean:
> -Shell account
> -Easy going about connect time
> -Easy going about weird services running on client systems (meaning that
>   1. they don't gripe and 2. they don't have firewall between dial-up
>   clients and everything on the internet not running on port 80)
> -Procmail based mail delivery
> -Of course, Linux based ;-)
> Also little things like:
> -DNS is up most of the time
> -Some reasonable level of upstream redundancy
> -Reliable backup power
> -etc.
> Can anyone comment on CSD (http://www.csd.net/)?
> I hope I'm not calling anyone's baby ugly here, but I have not been
> thrilled with Peak to Peak.
> In case anyone ever needs dial-up (or ISDN or DSL) in Austin, go with
> Black Hat Networking (http://blackhat.net).  Don't let the name fool
> you, they are great guys.
> Thanks!
> -Peter
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