[lug] Firewall help

KELLEY SCOTT T kelleys at ucsu.colorado.edu
Thu Jan 31 10:23:17 MST 2002

Dear luggers,

I am in the unfortunate position of having a linux box with the security
portection set on high. The box is running Red Hat 7.0 and it was
installed with max security meaning it rejects everything - ssh,

This is a serious pain and I want to change it on the fly, but I am
getting nowhere. I have tried searching for info on this problem but can't
find anything really on the web. I've tried messing around with the
firewall-config application, but have gotten nowhere. Seems like there
should be an easy way to reset the security or allow specific IPs entry or
even to allow certain programs to run like ssh and ftp.

If you have any pointers for me on this, I would be greatful. And if there
a source I should check out for information on security, I am all eyes.

Thanks in advance for any assistance. -Scott

Scott T. Kelley, Ph.D.			E-mail: Scott.Kelley at Colorado.edu
Dept. MCD Biology			Phone : 303-735-1808
Campus Box 347				Fax   : 303-492-7744
University of Colorado
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