[lug] Firewall help

Scott A. Herod herod at interact-tv.com
Thu Jan 31 17:02:52 MST 2002

Hi Scott,

  I, like Dan, just edit my firewall script in /etc/sysconfig/ipchains.
However, I also recommend Robert Ziegler's _Linux Firewalls_ book.
Below is a link to Ziegler's website in which he advertises his book.
He also has a Firewall Design Tool link that I've heard some good
things about.

Check  http://www.linux-firewall-tools.com/linux/

Scott Herod

> Dear luggers,
> I am in the unfortunate position of having a linux box with the security
> portection set on high. The box is running Red Hat 7.0 and it was
> installed with max security meaning it rejects everything - ssh,
> ftp..everything.
> This is a serious pain and I want to change it on the fly, but I am
> getting nowhere. I have tried searching for info on this problem but can't
> find anything really on the web. I've tried messing around with the
> firewall-config application, but have gotten nowhere. Seems like there
> should be an easy way to reset the security or allow specific IPs entry or
> even to allow certain programs to run like ssh and ftp.
> If you have any pointers for me on this, I would be greatful. And if there
> a source I should check out for information on security, I am all eyes.
> Thanks in advance for any assistance. -Scott
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