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Sony to Sell Linux Kits for Playstation 2

TOKYO (Reuters) - Sony Corp (6758.T) said on Wednesday it would start 
selling Linux operating system kits for Linux programmers around the 
globe in coming months to allow Linux applications to run on its 
PlayStation 2 game console.

The consumer electronics giant said it would begin selling disks to 
install the Linux operating system (OS) on PlayStation 2 and tools to 
develop Linux applications.

The kits will go on sale in Japan in May and in the United Sates and 
Europe in June.

``Many Linux fans have requested that they would like to execute 
applications not only on personal computers but also on PlayStation 
game consoles,'' a Sony spokeswoman said.

The kits will cost $188.30 in Japan, $199 in the United States and 
$215 in Europe.


Sony aims to expand the role of PlayStation as a platform and allow 
more applications such as word-processing.

Sony said the kits also included a internal hard disk drive with 40 
gigabytes and USB keyboard and mouse.


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