[lug] curious apache log entry

charles at lunarmedia.net charles at lunarmedia.net
Fri Feb 1 10:43:31 MST 2002 www.domain.com - [31/Jan/2002:20:34:18 -0600] "GET                                                            
http://members.shaw.ca/mypunkpage/images/whatwouldtop.jpg H                                                                         
TTP/1.1" 302 227 "http://members.shaw.ca/mypunkpage/content.htm"                                                                    
"Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 4.01; Windows NT)" 

i'm getting this entry in my log files that seems really peculiar. the get 
request is for an offnet website with a referral coming from said website. 
i'm not exactly certain _how_ its being done here, but it certainly seems 
malicious. at very least filling my logs.

can someone explain why this request is being processed by apache? the 
status 302 make me believe that this is being passed.

thanks -c

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