[lug] Upgrading Debian Questions

Glenn Murray gmurray at Mines.EDU
Fri Feb 1 14:06:55 MST 2002

http://www.debian.org/releases/testing/ reports:

> The potato installation system is no longer being actively maintained,
> and we recommend using the woody installer for new installations, even
> though it is not available on CD yet. The new installation manual and
> the release notes are available for preview.
> Expected major upgrades, by the time woody releases, include GLibC
> 2.2, GCC 3.0, XFree86 4.1 and Perl 5.6. Linux kernel 2.4 is judged not
> to be mature enough to be a default for most architectures at this
> time, but you can install a 2.4 kernel from Debian after completing
> your installation. It's also likely that the debconf package will be
> used in nearly all the packages which need to prompt in the maintainer
> scripts.
> If you are using APT, you can use the following lines in your
> /etc/apt/sources.list file to be able to access packages in testing:
> ...

I had some questions for Debian users:

1) If I add the testing packages to source.list now and do the
resulting upgrades until the release, what would happen when I ran
apt-get dist-upgrade when the release was finally made?

2) If I have a Windoze box with a Linux-ready partition, how do I
install Linux (Debian) without the CDs?  I've installed Linux six
times successfully (and many times unsuccessfully!) from CDs, but not

3) When is this InstallFest everyone is talking about?

Glenn Murray

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