Was: [lug] February talk -- Now: GNU automake/autoconf/libtool

Nate Duehr nate at natetech.com
Fri Feb 1 15:29:24 MST 2002

Haha 100% agreed on that last part!

It must be the way Evolution is signing the mail, as I have been watching
headers and seeing a lot of Evolution 1.01 X-Mailer headers lately.  (And if
you read my headers, you'll cringe -- at least from this machine... Outlook
Express 6.whatever.  EEEEEK)

I have found one discouraging thing with Ximian -- that I only have one
machine that really runs it well and is fast enough to keep up with GNOME's
bloat lately... the PIII-450.  (It also helps that it has 512MB of RAM --
I'd have put a gig in it but darn it, the motherboard wouldn't support it...
and back when RAM was even a tad bit cheaper than it is right now today, I
tried to max out all the desktop machines here at home, or at least as many
as I could afford to do at the time!)

Don't know why I didn't think to look at your headers to see what you were
using... sleeping at the switch again, I guess.  :-)

Red Carpet seems to do a fairly good job of updates on things too... that's
been fun to play with.  I've also played pretty extensively with RedHat
Network and like that model better than using Red Carpet for a large network
of a lot of machines, but both work fine.  Of course, they both just stole
the whole idea from Debian -- GRIN.  (Now there's flamebait!)  Oh and
Debian's is better yet.  hehehe...

Anyway, very interesting.

Now if Sun would just revive the StarOffice 6 stuff... anyone in the know
have any idea why they put out the beta, and then yanked it and it
disappeared?  An internal casualty of their massive layoffs and general lack
of human resources like everyone else in this market right now?   Version 6
was looking pretty promising there, and a LOT nicer than SO 5.

Nate, nate at natetech.com

On Fri, 2002-02-01 at 08:48, Nate Duehr wrote:
> Ed, just out of curiosity what mailer are you using?
> All of your e-mail shows up as a blank message with two attachments on M$
> mail programs... one with the text you typed and another with your PGP
> signature.
> Is that the infamous mutt PGP signature thing following the RFC's properly
> that none of the Windoze mailers seem to understand?
> Just curious...

Evolution 1.0.1 from ximain.com

I like it a lot and I recommend that you try it.  The interface will be
familiar to you since it looks a lot like exchange.

I've heard that exchange (some versions?) don't always handle the PGP
encryption and/or signing properly.  This was discussed on a different
LUG list (trilug.org) that I follow and the solution (AFAIR) was to
either use some sort of older-style PGP wrapper or to stop using the PGP
signing features.  I don't use exchange anywhere (and my collaborators
and co-workers aren't complaining) so I'm not going to test those

<ribbing type="good_natured">

And I'm certainly not going to munge my emails *to a LUG list* just to
appease your MS crap-ware.



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