[lug] How do you make sound work?

Timothy C. Klein teece at silverklein.net
Fri Feb 1 15:42:06 MST 2002

* Nate Duehr (nate at natetech.com) wrote:
> Haha.. cheat.
> Find a real SoundBlaster card on Ebay cheap and type...
> modprobe sb
> :-)
> Okay this might not be accurate, it was a LONG time ago I set up sound on
> Debian but with the right sound cards the standard OSS support in the kernel
> works a heck of a lot better than messing around with ALSA, IMHO.
> Actually I think in the Debian machine it has an Ensoniq AudioPCI or
> something equally as gross, but the kernel module loaded instantaneously and
> worked first time out!

I second that.  I have never been able to get Alsa to work right in
Debian.  But the kernel module for my SB Live loads just fine, and works
without it.  You could try dowloading SndConfig (packaged in unstable,
don't remember if it is in stable).  It will monkey with the needed
module alias for you, after trying to auto-detect your card.

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