Was: [lug] February talk -- Now: GNU automake/autoconf/libtool

Ed Hill ed at eh3.com
Fri Feb 1 15:43:25 MST 2002

On Fri, 2002-02-01 at 15:29, Nate Duehr wrote:
> Red Carpet seems to do a fairly good job of updates on things too... that's
> been fun to play with.  I've also played pretty extensively with RedHat
> Network and like that model better than using Red Carpet for a large network
> of a lot of machines, but both work fine.  Of course, they both just stole
> the whole idea from Debian -- GRIN.  (Now there's flamebait!)  Oh and
> Debian's is better yet.  hehehe...

I'm not using their Red Carpet service.  I've been getting the rpms from
mirrors and only installing those needed for Evolution.  Its not the
easiest way, but it avoids the ximian desktop stuff (i prefer E).

And what little of Debian I've used, I have liked.  I just got
comfortable with RH back at v4.x and haven't strayed far...  ;-)

> Now if Sun would just revive the StarOffice 6 stuff... anyone in the know
> have any idea why they put out the beta, and then yanked it and it
> disappeared?  An internal casualty of their massive layoffs and general lack
> of human resources like everyone else in this market right now?   Version 6
> was looking pretty promising there, and a LOT nicer than SO 5.

Don't worry, they did exactly the same thing with the SO 5.2beta when it
was just a month or two before the final release.  It probably means
that a second beta or a final will be appearing soon.

If you're desperate, I have a copy of the SO 6 beta and can bring it on
CDR to the Ifest on the 9th or the next meeting...


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