Was: [lug] February talk -- Now: GNU automake/autoconf/libtool

Nate Duehr nate at natetech.com
Fri Feb 1 16:12:01 MST 2002

>I'm not using their Red Carpet service.  I've been getting the rpms from
>mirrors and only installing those needed for Evolution.  Its not the
>easiest way, but it avoids the ximian desktop stuff (i prefer E).

Ahhh... cool.  Yeah, that works.

>And what little of Debian I've used, I have liked.  I just got
>comfortable with RH back at v4.x and haven't strayed far...  ;-)

I started on RH, got all high and mighty and switched everything in the
house to Debian, then played with FreeBSD and OpenBSD and Debian on Sparc
and god knows what else, and now I just use whatever disks I have handy near
the machine being installed/reinstalled/screwed up by me for no good reason.

Loaded SuSE a couple of times too, and just didn't "get it" with YaST, looks
powerful/useful, but didn't feel like learning another package tool at the
time.  Their installer's support for LVM is definitely a desirable toy, and
I'm sure Alan could get us all up to speed on how cool that is for HA
environments, but no HA here at home, or at work at the time, and just
decided SuSE wasn't necessary.

Peeked over some shoulders of people installing Slackware and remember
saying, hmmm... BSD without the convenience of cvsup; make world , eh?  :-)
Talk about an archane installer... ugh.

And of course, once they're up and running, Linux is Linux.  ;-)

Oh yeah, installed KRUD a couple of times too... liked it, would definitely
never say anything bad about it in THIS crowd!  hahaha... Seriously, nicely
done, just couldn't bring myself to use it full-time... too many people from
other projects always asking me silly questions about RH bugs that I
probably just wouldn't have if I were running KRUD and I'd frustrate them
explaining that I used a "better RedHat than theirs", I'm sure.  hahaha...

>Don't worry, they did exactly the same thing with the SO 5.2beta when it
>was just a month or two before the final release.  It probably means
>that a second beta or a final will be appearing soon.

It's been a LONG time since they pulled it, if I remember correctly.  Oh
well... Weird release cycle.  They don't do that with Solaris beta's!

>If you're desperate, I have a copy of the SO 6 beta and can bring it on
>CDR to the Ifest on the 9th or the next meeting...

Well I did misplace my copy (if you call a boneheaded rm "misplacing", but
as others will probably attest, I haven't gotten my butt up to Boulder much
lately for anything, BLUG, CO-SAGE... nothing.

I should kick myself and get up there for the next meeting.  If you happen
to have it with you, I'd be happy to retrieve a copy from you (or anyone
else) and can bring ya a replacement CD-R or CD-RW (whichever you
use/prefer) no problem.  I'm sure if I poked around hard enough someone has
it somewhere for download it's not supposed to be too, but no big deal...
It's just nicer than 5.2 which works fine for opening the odd Word doc or

The trick with me getting to Boulder meetings is to leave down here LONG
before the Tech Center becomes a complete mad-house and just play ham radio
or whatever in the Jeep for a couple of hours somewhere close to Boulder.

Sorry... posting way too much today -- must be a boring Friday for your
friendly neighborhood laid-off Linux geek...

That or that whole pot of coffee I appear to have finished off today for no
good reason... look at those hands twitch!!!  hahaha.... My poor nervous
system must love me on days like today... up at 4:30 AM, drink a pot of
coffee, eat once.  Bad for me... bad.

Ok... vowing to myself to get to the next meeting now...

Nate, nate at natetech.com

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