[lug] Status of installfest planning

D. Stimits stimits at idcomm.com
Fri Feb 1 19:59:10 MST 2002

Which Saturday is the installfest? Is it one week from tomorrow?

D. Stimits, stimits at idcomm.com

Chris Riddoch wrote:
> --What we've got--
> I've reserved two rooms. One of the rooms we've used before- ECCR 105,
> and the other is ECCR 150, both are in the Engineering center of CU.
> The reason for this is that there are tables in the rooms, power at
> most seats, ethernet in at least one of the rooms (maybe both by the
> end of next week) and rather importantly, it's free. We'll have enough
> space for about 30 installs at once, but I seriously doubt it'll be
> that popular.
> There are loading docks that will make it easier to take things up to
> the rooms. There's a much faster way, but chances are *very* likely
> that it would result in people getting ticketed, so I won't suggest
> it. I'll draw a map to help show you how to find the loading dock, and
> the room from there. Along with it will be penguins to help lead the
> way.
> I checked with University Parking. There's a basketball game that
> afternoon, but it doesn't start until 3. The installfest starts at
> noon.
> Someone mentioned getting CDs of Staroffice. I don't have a working
> beta of Staroffice 6, but I do have 'install641C_linux_intel.tar.gz'
> of OpenOffice, (yay for the university's ethernet) and I can burn some
> CDs.
> I was emailed a typical waiver to use before installing anything. I'll
> fill in "Boulder Linux Users Group" on the relevant blanks and make
> copies.
> I found a stable metal cart by the shipping elevator today, I hope
> it's still there a week from Saturday, but I've also got offers for
> equipment to help carry equipment.
> --What we still need--
> CDs of distributions.
> Surge protectors.
> Spare keyboards and mice, clearly labeled with an owner.
> Other extra hardware to ease installation - temporary spare network
> cards, CD drives, etc. for machines that lack them. Also clearly
> labeled with an owner. Don't want anything walking off.
> Ethernet cords and a sufficient hub/router, just in case.
> Advertisements. I'll be doing some sketches tomorrow, and will post
> flyers around campus (particularly the engineering center). It's
> off-season for sidewalk chalkings, and given the probability of the
> random blizzard happening by, that's probably not worth the
> while... If you have short slogans that could inspire someone to
> install linux, send them my way. Also, would someone take care of the
> off-campus advertising?
> A backup plan in case the second room doesn't have ethernet by the
> time we get there. There's only two walls between the rooms, so I
> suspect routing through 802.11b is an option?  I've got a couple ideas
> for a backup plan in case the university's network fails (or wants to
> charge us exorbitant amounts of money for using it)...
> Anything else I'm forgetting?
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